Former slave android with a price on his head


Species: Android / Anacite
Sex: “Male”
Age: 78
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 350lbs
Configuration: Humanoid, Bipedal
Eyes: One red, one green. Both originally blue, but were swapped when functions ceased.
Skin: Brushed metal, colors differ with swapped out parts.
Origin: Aballon


Awoken on Aballon, a descendant creation of the First Ones, but not bound to await their return. I am one of Those Who Become.

Several months after myself and several others of my kind departed Aballon to colonize a new world, our vessel was set upon and captured by rogue Vesk. Several of us were killed in the initial attack, the rest were taken to a remote mining colony as slaves.

Once there, I was set to work with drills, and for a time, I did just that. Drill, and observe, looking for patterns and weaknesses in those who thought themselves my master.

Some even nicknamed me “Bore”.

When the Vesk guard eventually lapsed, I led a slave revolt, eventually finding a final home for my drills in the head of the mining colony leader.

I survived on the run for a time, but the Vesk, disguising the fact that they were running slave operations, labeled me a murderer and put a hefty price on my head. Eventually, I was caught by the bounty hunter, Ekra Seeve, and brought to this prison for multiple murder charges.

Though my normal disposition is a peaceful one, my initial reaction upon sighting a Vesk is to teach them that they are no master of mine.


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